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Zhejiang Weidong Tianxia Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is an intelligent operation service provider for mobile Internet enterprises. Wechat World has taken root in the WeChat ecosystem for many years. Its products and services have covered 20+ industries, with 300+ distributors, and serving 1.6 million + corporate users.

Based on WeChat public accounts, mini-programs, short videos, etc., Wechat World provides merchants with full platform management, omnichannel traffic, and full life cycle coverage product system solutions. Through smart marketing and big data operations, it has improved decision-making efficiency for 30 million SMEs and Commercial operation capabilities, allowing users to create value in every behavior and sharing.

Flick the world's new third board listed company stock code (836914)

Mobile Internet Enterprise Intelligent Operation Service Provider

"WeChat Officially Designated Small Program Third Party Internal Test Enterprise"
"Baidu intelligent applet enters service providers"

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About vdong

In the micro-motion, we work together, "we" is the best annotation for the team

Flick the world, with you in 2016, we will move forward in 2017

Flick the world annual sports game, the group stage officially started

Executives in Hangzhou, 2018 summary, with attitude work, quality play

The annual meeting of "Juli Innovation" of Guangzhou Branch of China

Enterprise internal training, understanding company rules and regulations is a powerful guarantee for employees to work well

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