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Marketing + membership + order + payment + takeaway and other applications to create integrated catering services

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Five Artifacts to Improve Revenue in Restaurants

Restaurant enhances revenue five artifact

  • Multi-channel customer acquisition

    Realize old customers and new customers

  • Soaring turnover

    Member repurchase rate is high, wake up sleeping customers

  • WeChat public account setup

    Increased business-to-store conversions

  • Applets

    Enjoy WeChat traffic bonus

  • Operational Services

    Professional Operation Services

Applets for the catering industry

Share 1 billion users on WeChat, connect offline service scenarios, easy to use and experience good

  • Nearby applets

  • Smart Store

  • Order management

  • Member Centre

  • Card list

Professional marketing planning and operation team

Can provide merchants with meticulous affiliate marketing planning and implementation services

  • Brand positioning analysis

    Professional research team and excellent operation manager tailor your brand positioning promotion strategy for you

  • Platform system construction

    Build a personalized WeChat public account platform for you, create preferential payment, affiliate marketing system, etc., and perfectly display the brand characteristics

  • Content Operations

    Tailored original graphic information, and rack your brains to output high-quality copywriting ideas for you

  • Marketing event planning

    Small and beautiful marketing activities are perfectly matched with large and extensive integrated WeChat marketing to achieve fissionable growth of fans

  • Refined data analysis

    Professional data analysis team accurately reaches the target population through business data, member data, accurate analysis, and intelligent marketing, leading to rapid increase in transaction value

  • Channel promotion

    Integrate Internet communication, promote WeChat public account and friends circle resources for joint marketing and promotion, and build a strong brand

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