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Industry-wide, multi-channel online malls, merchants to achieve distribution channels, fission sales, chain stores, online

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WeChat Mall Simplifies Management

Micro Mall, simplifying operation

  • Multi-channel customer acquisition

    WeChat 1 billion + traffic sharing, multi-channel expansion of traffic, multiple entrances directly to WeChat mall

  • Soaring turnover

    A variety of marketing tools to help you extend the customer lock, the boss said: the turnover is easily exceeded

  • Improved operating efficiency

    Big data system diagnoses store conditions to provide business direction and reduce trial and error costs

  • Applicable to all industries

    Clothing, food, fresh, beauty, and other industries around you are using WeChat

Complete online store

Help you to build your own brand mall, connect directly with customers, say goodbye to a single sales channel

Hundreds of promotional games

Help you achieve high store activity, high customer orders, high repurchase, say goodbye to tedious marketing methods

Comprehensive leading data analysis

Help you achieve multi-angle and comprehensive store operation analysis, drive development, say goodbye to store operations without direction

Manage customers systematically

Customer label portraits to help you understand your customers; loyalty cards / prepaid cards / member rights and interests, precision marketing to enhance customer orders

Special feature

Multi-scenario solution to merchant needs

  • Multi-store

    Store online operation

  • SDP

    Channel formal management, revenue fission growth

  • Distribution

    National endorsement, Wanzhong distribution

Attentive and considerate service

Careful and considerate servic

  • Professional customer service

    7 * 24 hours professional guidance, answer questions

  • Online video teaching

    Learn anytime, anywhere

  • Peer exchange activities

    Live, community, business alliance, actual sharing

They are all using micro-motion smart e-commerce

They are using fretting

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