Magic game

Magic Game

Mini Program Diversion, Public Account Suction, Online Store Conversion

Ingeniously make excellent WeChat mini games to help millions of merchants easily acquire customers

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WeChat small gamification marketing, fun and more effective

In a simple and interesting form, it attracts users to participate, share, and convert, to increase customer loyalty for merchants, to help merchants shorten the consumption cycle, and to increase customer return rates

When the mini-game encounters WeChat, a chemical reaction occurs

WeChat influence + interactive mini-game influence

468 million

WeChat monthly active users exceed 468 million

11 billion

11 billion consumption directly driven by WeChat for more than 10 years

17% vs 1%

WeChat mini-gamification marketing retransmission rate 17% Text and pictures, public account marketing retransmission rate 1%

78% vs 13%

Combining marketing activities with marketing plugins, exquisite activities to achieve fan fission growth

Ultimate goal

ultimate objective

High retention

High fission

High conversion

high profit

Classic games

Open WeChat and scan, you can experience fun mini games

Cute dog escape

Players lead cute dogs to escape the volcanic earth and march into the universe

The protagonist of the game is a cute dog astronaut, with a vivid and cute image, and also with a hint of bad temperament. In the game, the cute dog encountered an unprecedented crisis in the process of exploring the new planet-the planet exploded, and the magma emanating from the planet continued to flow upwards, requiring players to help the cute dog escape the birth. Use one finger to hold and drag the screen to control the strength and direction of the cute dog's jumping. When the finger is off the screen, the cute dog will perform the jumping.


The strongest small bubble

Launch it! !! !! My little bubble

Tap with a finger and the bubble launches. Break the center of the bubble beads that change in rhythm very accurately to get high scores in the game. Accurately perform center-breaking combos, and you will become the legendary bubble bead master. Come and challenge the game high scores!

Infinite air combat

Unlimited speed, unlimited passion, Dream King is you

In the game, the body and the enemy body attack each other, and in the process, avoid obstacles along the way, get corresponding experience coins, and experience coins to rank players in all games.


Ultimate hero

As long as you move your fingers to kill monsters, you are an adventure hero

The ultimate hero role-type mini-game, click to kill monsters, hire heroes to fight for yourself. Invite your friends to help you, and the gold coin carousel will solve your problems. Keep up, you are the ultimate hero!

Little shooter

Little Archer is a role-based mini-game. Players operate the protagonist's bow archery, practice archery, and eventually become a archer.

Little God Shooter is an archery puzzle game. Players draw lines on the screen to achieve shooting operations, then hit the target, get the corresponding score, and then rank according to the score. The player can only continuously challenge himself and challenge Friends can reach the peak.


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