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    Public number + applet to quickly build an exclusive store
    Create corporate personality applets in 3 minutes
    Integrated platform for management and operation
    Content and traffic in one industry solution
    Build marketing applet to help merchants easily acquire customers
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    Meet the personalized needs of businesses at a lower cost and higher efficiency

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    Personalized custom development services

    Applet + public account + APP help merchants grab 1 billion traffic bonus

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    We all have what you want

    We all have what you want

    Custom page

    Whether it's WeChat public account, mini-program, H5 event or mobile terminal, we can help you implement a customized interface and let your brand hit people's hearts


    Vertical Industry Solutions

    E-commerce, retail, catering, takeaway, leisure and entertainment, beauty industry, etc. have complete solutions, which belongs to your application platform in one step

    Customized distribution system

    Direct sales, distribution, crowdfunding, agency delivery, store-in-store distribution, O2O distribution and other modes of distribution gameplay. Through the sharing + trust economic model, the binding relationship is stronger


    One-stop service

    From the confirmation of requirements to the prototype design, development, and delivery, there is a dedicated person who is responsible for docking, providing you with personalized high-quality Internet software customization development services to help brand companies solve mobile retail business problems in one stop

    Personalized custom development

    Safe and stable system, strong technical team

    Customization process

    Weichen has a professional Internet R & D team to help brand companies solve all retail business problems in one stop

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    They all chose us together

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