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Customized development and applet templates, so that each enterprise and merchant has its own applet

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Why choose applets

Why choose a small program

  • rank the top

    Mini Programs are ranked according to their online order, which is based on time, and they have the highest ranking.

  • Higher traffic

    Sitting on WeChat's 900 million user traffic bonus, it quickly splits its brand.

  • Lower cost

    Alleviate corporate pressure, cross Android and Apple platforms, and approach native apps, with low development costs.

  • Promote faster

    Mini-program search and scan make it easier for users to find businesses and make marketing easier.

  • Simpler interaction

    Applets do not need to be downloaded, registered, and do not take up memory on the phone. Completely within reach.

  • More accurate data

    Relying on a huge membership system, the statistical analysis of data is more accurate and comprehensive.

Six core scenarios of applets

Help you easily acquire customers, repurchase, and fission

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Advantages of applets

Small program advantage

Features of WeChat Mini Program

Features comparable to APP, no installation required, ready to go, etc.

  • No installation required

    Say goodbye to downloading and installing in the mall, and really know what is the second open program.

  • Use immediately

    Don't worry if the phone's memory is enough, just open it when you need it and leave it when you don't.

  • Traffic bonus

    Say goodbye to being alone and bidding farewell to the high cost of promoting APP. WeChat traffic bonus cannot be missed.

  • Rich components

    Rapid and efficient development is inseparable from standardization, and WeChat provides rich framework components.

  • Personalized configuration

    Modular editing mode, small programs can easily achieve custom personalized needs.

  • advertising

    WeChat's user authorization system supports the collection of member data and the use of social functions to simplify promotion.

Mini Program Generation Programs for Our Industry

Leader in the applet industry, integrate applet components, conduct applet UI design and background management online without any subsequent development

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