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    Public number + applet to quickly build an exclusive store
    Create corporate personality applets in 3 minutes
    Integrated platform for management and operation
    Content and traffic in one industry solution
    Build marketing applet to help merchants easily acquire customers
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    Vdong Smart beauty

    Realize small program + public account beauty industry solution, improve marketing efficiency, improve user experience, and help store conversion

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    Applicable industry

    Applicable industry

    Beauty body

    Nail Art

    Medical beauty

    Hair care

    Fitness shaping

    Medical clinic

    WeChat applet for the beauty industry

    Mobile online shop, store mini-program display service items, customer WeChat visit, share and spread at any time

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    Rich marketing tools

    Unique marketing innovation method, expand new customers, old belt new, member activation

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    They are all using fine motion wisdom to work in beauty

    They are using fretting

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