Micro-ecological scenario marketing services

Micro-ecological Scene Marketing Service

WeChat generation operation service platform from 0 to 1, focusing on corporate micro-ecological construction and marketing services

Tailor-made brand WeChat public account operation solution for you

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Micro-ecological scenario marketing

Seeing Weizhi's work, building a brand's exclusive micro-ecological marketing scene, revealing the success logic behind big brand marketing

The professional WeChat operation team takes WeChat platform as the core and combines various methods to create a closed loop of WeChat ecological scene marketing.

Help fans grow rapidly and increase brand influence

Accurate brand public account positioning

Public account positioning diagnosis and analysis, brand public account operation strategy, operation plan promotion table, phased operation report, etc .;

Construction of an exclusive micro-ecological scene system

WeChat public account navigation system, WeChat website custom menu, WeChat material library entries, WeChat micro membership system, public account visual identification system, etc

Strategic public account content generation operation

Daily public identity operation, in-depth interpretation and dissemination of brand concept products, micro-ecological event marketing, creative event marketing, etc., help sustainable growth of brand fans;

Creative event marketing campaign

Based on brand tone, combined with hot topics and holidays, operate newer micro-technology to carry out online event marketing, customize exclusive brand topics / events, and promote rapid brand fission and increase powder;

Customized public number identification system

The overall visual design of the public account includes interactive display image design such as head, head, and tail images, comprehensive guidance such as article layout, image tone, and article size specifications such as first-level title and second-level title text;

Solve the four major problems of WeChat marketing

Help companies seize marketing opportunities

Six advantages of WeChat generation operation

provide excellent service

  • Company strength

    NEEQ Listed Companies

    Many years of WeChat development and operation experience

  • Operational Services

    Professional operation team

    Customized operating strategy for experienced drivers

  • data analysis

    Big data analysis platform

    Timely, accurate, rapid and intelligent data analysis

  • Promotion copywriting

    Integrate WeChat community, circle of friends, big V

    Hundreds of promotion channels help to carry out efficiently

  • Grading system

    Independent mobile e-commerce marketing background

    Two-pronged precision marketing

  • Applets

    Template, customization, and development also have dual modes

    Access to applet scenarios, spreading the market across the industry

Comprehensive generation operation solution

Omni-directional generation operation solution

Generation operation overall plan package

Overall Solution Package for Agent Operations


standard meal

WeChat account platform construction, daily WeChat platform operation promotion, event marketing, summary analysis

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vip package

Add personalized account decoration, front page design theme content recommendation

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custom made

Custom package

Original soft article writing, functional module addition, custom benefits, information feedback

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They all chose us by coincidence

They all chose us by coincidence

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