Dust Super Speed Edition

Mini-program + public account in-depth interoperability, speedy construction management, massive drainage exposure

Help merchants seamlessly connect online traffic and offline services to achieve dual-line operations; hundreds of marketing methods, users easily visit the store.

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Industry-wide applet generation platform

Industry-wide small program generation platform

Zero-based development

Visual operation

Drag and drop components at will

Apply template directly

Add as many pages as you like

Strong adjustability and compatibility

One-click submission for review

Fast online speed

Featured industry templates

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Microdust Speed Edition Product Introduction

Micro-dust speed version product introduction

  • Personalized shop decoration

    More than 20 types of shop components

  • Rich merchandise management

    Poster promotion, Haitao merchandise support, support the main picture video, regular listing

  • Convenient order management

    Fast order processing and rights protection support for unpacking and delivery

  • Flexible logistics management

    Support multiple logistics modes such as express delivery, same-city delivery, cash on delivery, self-collection, freight template

  • High Conversion Marketing Campaign

    Various marketing activities such as group fights, bargains, spikes, limited time purchases, limited time discounts, sweepstakes, sign-ins, courtesy referrals

  • Perfect membership management

    Multiple sign-up forms; 5 major members marketing fun members; RFM fun members precision marketing

  • Powerful data analysis

    Analysis of recommended conversion paths for hot sales products

  • Comprehensive statistics

    Support applet statistics channelSupport H5 statistics channel

Dust Super Speed Solution

Dust Extreme Edition Solution

  • Independent Online Store

    Complete online shop opening system to quickly build merchants' free WeChat mall

  • Multifunctional marketing components

    Live broadcast, fight group, cycle purchase; multiple marketing methods; achieve double growth in traffic sales

  • SCRM customer management

    Accurate membership marketing improves user loyalty

  • Establish distribution channels

    Through word-of-mouth sharing among friends, let more people help you sell goods and improve sales conversion

Technical Support

Stable technical support

The mini-programs in the industry are using the Dust Super Speed Edition. What are you waiting for?

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