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Douyin operation skills

Release time: 2019-12-10 18:21


Source: Flick the world

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Summary: Douyin Operation Skills

Douyin operation skills



Improve the homepage and clear positioning

As soon as many colleagues have created the vibrato, they will want to send out the video content as soon as possible. In fact, you do n’t need to worry. At this time, the most important thing is to improve the homepage. Do n’t think it ’s easy.

There are several parts to thinking about when perfecting your homepage:

、主页banner设计 1. Homepage banner design

、头像 2.Avatar

、简介文案 3.Introduction

But if we want to improve these contents of the homepage, including better extension of the video content in the future, we need to have a clear positioning of this number, that is, what is the account type and style.

But the main point is to find the scarcity of peer content. You can pay more attention to what is common between the same types of accounts and what parts are missing, which is likely to open a new corner of the industry.


Before operating, we must raise the number

The positioning is clear, don't rush to post the video, first raise the number in about a week, you can follow some peers, collect some hot topics, bgm and even copywriting.

It takes at least an hour each day to use this number to vibrate and give other users likes and comments to keep this number active.

In addition, it is best to constantly brush the video content related to your account, and those that are irrelevant can be removed directly.

In this way, the vibrato algorithm will continuously recommend related content to you, and you can better and faster understand the hot content in this industry.


Video content, do n’t be slack

Keep in mind that the first 3-5 release videos of the new number are very important and will affect the weight that Douyin recommends for you later!

If the average playback volume is below 100, then you can only change the number. Normally, it must exceed 3000.

If you can't think of high-quality content or worry about thundering, you can imitate the hot content first, and generally you can get a wave of heat.

It should be noted here that the first 3 seconds of the video content is very important, and it must be guaranteed to attract users enough, otherwise it will only fall into the fate of being ruthlessly removed.


Post video, pay attention to three points

The distribution of new video traffic is mainly nearby and attention, and intelligently distributed in conjunction with user tags and content tags.

Only when the video is released, the completion rate is high, the interaction rate is high, the amount of likes is high, and the amount of retweets is high, so that the next recommendation opportunity can be obtained. Therefore, here are some points to note:

1 、发布文案 l 1 , release copy

In addition to the video itself, copywriting is also a key element to attract users to stay and interact. The number of words for copywriting is limited to 50 words, but in general, it is recommended to keep it as short as possible so that people can easily obtain information at a glance.

The most likely to trigger interactive copywriting are suspense and dialogue. Whether it is half of suspense and half, or conversational approachable people, it can better arouse the interest of users and get some comments and interactions.

2 、添加话题 l 2 , add topics

When you post a video, remember to bring related topics, you can choose a few more topics, it is best to attach the latest hot topics, you can also add places to help spread.

3 、选择封面 l 3 , Select cover

Before the video is released, you can decide to display the cover after it is released. At this time, you must remember to choose it. After all, if it is stuck at a strange point, it will also affect the user ’s experience of watching the video on the homepage.


Update regularly to get viscosity

After knowing the rules of supporting and publishing videos, we need to find the most suitable time period for video release. I believe that many people think that the best time to release is 7-9 o'clock after reading Douyin's pictorial.

In fact, otherwise, all users were posting at that time, which led to crowded video distribution channels and slow review.

After a period of operation, I figured out two better time periods: 14:30 pm and 17:40 pm.


Rich material, get attention

In order to get more and more people's attention, it is still necessary to enrich your own material library. In the case of unified style, you can try more styles.

Of course, here we must ensure that the video quality does not decrease and the content is getting better and better, so that we can continue to get more recommendations and attention.


Continuous maintenance, repeated recommendations

Douyin is based on a period of time after the video is released, such as whether the weight index can reach a certain value within one hour, such as 1W like, to determine whether it is popular content, and then recommend it for the video overlay.

As for the content that has been sent, it is not necessary to leave it alone. Douyin will also grab your previous high-quality content and recommend it repeatedly.

At this time, we need to do some continuous maintenance for the past content, such as forwarding, commenting, and replying with our own number, to keep the video active, waiting for the irregular extraction of Douyin, and recommend again.


Avoid risks, precautions

Published videos must not have logos or advertisements! !! !! Don't post sensitive videos or related words.

As a company with authoritative qualifications in the field of operation of the entire network, Micro Motion World has always served every corporate customer with a professional team and a responsible attitude, contributing its own strength to the development of each enterprise, and will provide you with one-to-one customization Solutions, original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth, etc. If you want to know more about Douyin operation, you can add our WeChat, or call us for consultation.

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