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    How to run applets?

    Release time: 2019-12-10 18:33


    Source: Flick the world

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    Summary: How to run applets

    How to run applets


    First, make a small program operation plan

    Before developing an applet, we should plan for the applet. For example, plan to make several small programs, and what type of small programs to do, whether it is publicity or sales, or a combination of the two; to determine the name of the small program, it must not only reflect the product brand, but also meet the user The search habits are easy for users to understand, and increase the search volume of the applet to make it the first.

    You can also develop two applets. The name of the applet can be a combination of brand words and common keywords. One applet is named brand and the other is related to keywords commonly used by users.

    Second, seize the squatting time

    The name of the applet is unique. Once registered, it is not allowed to apply for registration unless the other party changes the name of the applet or cancels the account. Therefore, the registration of the applet should be made on a first-come, first-served basis. A good name can bring a lot of traffic to the applet and save a lot of promotion costs. As far as the current situation is concerned, the names of many self-media platforms are also unique. If an enterprise wants to operate well, it is also important to preemptively register the names of self-media platforms.

    Third, promote small programs and introduce seed users

    After the production of the mini program is completed, the first stage of promotion is needed to introduce seed users, which requires the enterprise to have the joint assistance of various channels. For example, Weibo, WeChat public account, circle of friends, WeChat group, etc. are all ways we can use, and reasonable use of these methods and methods to increase the display of applets, so that more users are familiar with and understand applets, and then Understand the business, so as to talk about orders and transactions.

    Fourth, understand the applet rules

    In order to make a good WeChat Mini Program, we must understand the rules of the WeChat Mini Program in detail. What we have to do is to operate within the rules of the WeChat Mini Program in the most convenient way to show the good side of the Mini Program To users, let more people know and like our applets, so as to realize our original intention of developing applets. Don't touch the rules made by applets for the immediate benefit.

    Fifth, launch through various channels

    At present, WeChat has provided the function of associating the public account for the development of applets. If the two can be related to each other, then the applet application can be opened even in the public account. In addition, scanning the ordinary two-dimensional code can also open the applet, and the two-dimensional code is set for the applet when developing the applet, and the user can also scan directly into the applet.

    You can also share the applet interface in the app, which is very helpful for the promotion of applet applications. Finally, you can bind the applet to the public account template. You only need to connect and install the applet into the template. When the user enters the public account and opens the template message, he can directly enter the applet application.

    As a company with authoritative qualifications in the field of WeChat generation operations, Wechat World has always served every corporate customer with a professional team and a responsible attitude, contributing its own strength to the development of each enterprise, and will provide you with one-to-one customization Solutions, original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth, etc. If you want to know more about WeChat Mini Program, you can add our WeChat, or call us for consultation.

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