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How to handle WeChat public account?

Release time: 2019-11-28 14:43


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Abstract: As a company with authoritative qualifications in the field of WeChat generation operations, Wechat World has always served each corporate customer with a professional team and a responsible attitude, and contributed its own strength to the development of each enterprise. A customized solution, original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth, etc. If you want to know more about WeChat Mini Program, you can add our WeChat, or call us for consultation.

How to handle WeChat public account?




I. Summary of frequently asked questions about application matters


注册要钱吗? 1. Does registration cost money?


Registration of the public number is completely free


The only place where WeChat public account needs to pay is the annual certification fee. As a personal account, WeChat currently does not provide an authentication entry, so there is no authentication fee.


到哪里注册? 2. Where to register?

Login to WeChat public account platform official website:


申请订阅号还是服务号? 3. Apply for a subscription number or service number?


Individuals generally apply for a subscription number, and a company or business may apply for a service number. Because subscription numbers can send one message per day, service numbers can only send messages four times a month.


同一个手机号码或身份证号能注册几个公众账号? 4. How many public accounts can be registered with the same mobile phone number or ID number?


个身份证号只能注册2个公众账号 1 ID number can only register 2 public accounts

个手机号码只能注册5个公众账号 Only one public account can be registered for 5 mobile accounts


However, different public accounts require different email addresses.


(You can apply for the foxmail mailbox of the qq mailbox, so that one qq number can apply for two public accounts.)


If you don't want to use QQ mailbox, you can use other mailboxes such as NetEase mailbox or mobile mailbox, such as 139 mailbox, 126 mailbox ...


The reason is that at the beginning Tencent's product manager will send you an email with a verification code for the activation of the email address, which is usually the same email address as the login account.


(The login account can also be a QQ number or WeChat, and of course the mailbox number for the above registration, so remember it, don't forget.)


公众号名称和功能介绍信息后期能不能更改? 5. Can the public account name and function introduction information be changed later?


Can be changed. (Think about the name and introduction)


Application process


、打开网页,输入网址进入微信公众号官网: 1. Open the webpage, enter the URL to enter the WeChat public account official website:


、进入官网后会出现如下界面,点击右上角立即注册 2. After entering the official website, the following interface will appear. Click on the upper right corner to register now

、个人作为账号主体,选择订阅号 3 , the individual as the account body, select the subscription number


、填写注册邮箱及密码,记得最下方要点√ 4. Fill in the registered email address and password, remember the bottom point √


、按照流程指示填写基本信息 5.Fill in basic information according to the process instructions


Subscription number (bulk message): 1 / day


Service number (bulk message): 4 / month


、绑定手机号、身份证号以及管理员(个人微信) 6 , binding mobile phone number, ID number and administrator (personal WeChat)


Subject Type Click Personal and go to the next step


After that, the following information form will pop up, you can fill in as required


The QR code for administrator authentication needs to be opened on WeChat to scan, but cannot be opened in WeChat.


If you register with a mobile phone, you can save the verified QR code and send it to a friend (you need to be by your side), then open WeChat and scan it. (It's like scanning other people's QR codes and adding friends).


、填写公众号名称及功能介绍 8. Fill in the name and function of the public account


Fill in the public account name




Function introduction is a short text to introduce what the public account does.


The public account name, function introduction, and public account avatar can be changed later, and the public account avatar can also be changed.


However, the ID can only be changed once a year, so fill it out carefully.


As a company with authoritative qualifications in the field of WeChat generation operations, Wechat World has always served every corporate customer with a professional team and a responsible attitude, contributing its own strength to the development of each enterprise, and will provide you with one-to-one customization Solutions, original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth, etc. If you want to know more about WeChat Mini Program, you can add our WeChat, or call us for consultation.


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