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Is the WeChat public account operation reliable?

Release time: 2019-12-03 16:14


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Summary: How about the effectiveness of WeChat public account operation service?

Is the WeChat public account operation reliable?


In this economic era, you must have opened the WeChat public account, right? Now let's test it first. Is this your daily status?

Fans accumulate from 0 to 1. Over the course of a year, watching other people's tens or even hundreds of thousands of explosive increase, and then look back at their own number, very few, even few.

不知道怎么拉新、怎么管理? 1. Don't know how to pull new and manage?

没手段、又没经验,曾经试过推广但总是找不对精准粉丝,引流效果也很差? 2. No means, no experience, have tried to promote but always find the right fans, the drainage effect is also poor?

运营了一段时间以后觉得很吃力,没定位清楚公众号的功能以及人群,却又不知道怎么做适合粉丝群体的内容,写了一段时间以后觉得没内容可以写? 3. I feel struggling after operating for a while, I did n’t locate the function of the public account and the crowd, but I do n’t know how to make content suitable for the fan group. After writing for a while, I feel that there is no content to write.

新媒体更新太快了,没时间学习最新的运营技巧和套路,也没找到合适的资源对接? 4. The new media is updated too fast. I do n’t have time to learn the latest operating skills and routines, and I have n’t found the right resources to connect?

In summary, it is really difficult to operate WeChat public account! !!

In fact, you can't blame yourself for this. After all, there are now 9 people out of 10 who are public accounts. Very few people can get the attention, attract fans and retain users, and even fewer.

What are the main contents of WeChat public account operation?

品牌定位分析 1. Brand positioning analysis

Analysis by professional research team, tailor-made promotion strategy

、公众账号的搭建 2. Construction of public account

Including registration and authentication of WeChat public account, optimization of public account (function profile, avatar, custom menu, attention reply setting, QR code design at the end of the figure, user diversion and conversion, etc.) to build a personalized platform, the system perfectly displays the brand characteristics

、内容运营 3. Content Operations

The generation operation team will cooperate with the planning to write the original soft text, push the graphic information, and integrate creativity to create high-quality content

、渠道推广投放 4. Channel promotion

GuangDianTong advertising, promotion of new media platform, integration of Internet communication resources, building a strong mobile brand

、商城搭建及运营 5.Shop building and operation

Most of this will involve the secondary development of WeChat. According to your needs, create a personalized mall and quickly increase the transaction amount.

、营销活动策划 6 , marketing activities planning

According to user groups, combined with the current hot trends, thematic planning, such as micro-topic lottery, online voting, regular monthly marketing activities, and so on. The main purpose is to activate fans, and use the interactive and highly disseminated activities to achieve fan fission growth.

、在线客服 7.Online customer service

Handle public account message response, mall improvement and design feedback, product management, order processing, etc.

、结案报告 8. Closing report

Provide overall analysis and operation reports based on data.

What is the effect of WeChat public number operation service?

When it comes to the operation effect of the public account, it is nothing more than the amount of exposure, click reading, likes, retweets, and conversions. Let's look at some of the key factors that determine these effects.

标题:这个不用再强调了。 1. Title: This need not be emphasized.

投放渠道:是否足够多,足够广,渠道里是否都是精准客户群。 2. Distribution channels: whether there are enough, broad enough, and whether the channels are all accurate customer groups.

选题:所面向的群体面是否够大,是否精准。 3. Topic selection: whether the group face is large enough and accurate.

内容:是否是否激发了用户的某种情绪,比如认可、反对、赞同、愤怒、感动、开心、震惊等等。 4. Content: Whether it has inspired some emotions of the user, such as approval, opposition, approval, anger, touch, happiness, shock and so on.

引导:是否有做相应的转发引导,比如文末引导点赞、转发。 5. Guidance: Whether to do the corresponding forward guidance, such as like at the end of the guide, forward.

福利:福利是否足够吸引用户能够自发的或者不得不参与转发获取? 6. Welfare: Is the welfare enough to attract users to be able to spontaneously or have to participate in reposting?

需求:是否有解决用户需求,戳到用户痛点,解除用户购买一样产品时的所有顾虑,这是提升转化率的关键。 7. Demand: Is there a solution to the user's needs, stamp the pain points of the user, and all the concerns of the user when buying the same product, which is the key to improving the conversion rate.

As a company with authoritative qualifications in the field of WeChat generation operations, Wechat World has always served every corporate customer with a professional team and a responsible attitude, contributing its own strength to the development of each enterprise, and will provide you with one-to-one customization Solutions, original content, event planning, marketing promotion, feature customization, fan growth, etc. If you want to know more about the WeChat public account, you can add our WeChat, or call us for consultation.

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