Micro Motion Smart Distribution

Smart micro distribution

Three distribution modes to expand the scene and sell goods faster

Help traditional enterprises, e-commerce and media sellers obtain orders, and quickly establish distribution networks

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Core advantages of Wisdom Smart Distribution

The core advantages of smart micro distribution

Zero inventory, one delivery

No price disorder, uniform price

Easy promotion, strong drainage

Many modes, free and flexible

Micro Motion Smart Distribution Platform

Micro intelligent distribution platform

Multi-directional promotion channels to achieve network-wide distribution

Multi-faceted promotion channels to achieve network-wide distribution, mobilize fans and employees for distribution, quickly recruit non-disruptive changes, directly connect with millions of micro-shop merchants and micro-shop owners, establish a comprehensive distribution network and multi-faceted promotion channels to achieve network-wide distribution.

Powerful distribution system to meet diverse needs

One-click distribution, automatic account splitting, easy operation; independent management of goods through multiple channels, real-time synchronization of inventory and orders; multiple modes, providing customized services to meet diverse needs

Support multiple marketing tools to quickly increase sales

Rich and diverse marketing methods, exclusive promotion of QR codes and links, full use of WeChat, community, etc. for multi-channel promotion, low cost and more orders; perfect data reports to monitor the effect of activities in real time

Three distribution modes, distinguishing distribution scenarios

There are three distribution modes that distinguish distribution scenarios


High-end star hotel

Recruit fans without change, incentivize fans to share products to WeChat groups and circle of friends through commissions to achieve community communication and generate orders

Secondary fission, personalized commission, poster promotion ...
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Economy hotel chain

Enterprise (joining chain) tailor-made distribution scheme, enterprise employees, agents, senior distributors open store distribution

Staff management, performance appraisal, reward plan ...
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Featured Resort

Connect with millions of micro-shop merchants and micro-shop owners, professional shop owners and self-media megas to help with distribution, circle of friends keep spreading and expand distribution channels

Recommended suppliers, one agent, secured transactions ...
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