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          Flick Smart City

          Wisdom and Wisdom

          New model, new operation, and quickly seize market opportunities

          Free consultation

          Or call

          Huge business opportunities in the same city

          Great Business Opportunities in the City of Wisdom

          Build a multi-user urban O2O platform

          Forum social + marketing functions to create strong user relationships

          Multi-industry merchants

          Provide merchandise sales and diversified services

          User orders

          Choose goods and services

          Business management

          Timely and convenient

          Confirm order and pay

          Opening of multiple payment channels

          Home delivery

          Merchant distribution, store consumption / self-collection

          Share review

          Forum social / sun order sharing

          QR code

          Big data service

          Merchant accounts, the platform generates consumption data analysis, helps operations, and improves efficiency

          Micro Motion Smart City is suitable for the crowd

          Micro-movement wisdom is suitable for people in the same city

          College students

          Low threshold for entrepreneurship, large Internet space, controllable lightweight operating costs, and high returns

          Industry supply and demand portal platform

          Pursue the integration of online resources in a single industry and bridge the upstream and downstream

          Internet Enterprise Project

          Internet companies engaged in the Internet can operate as new projects or add new sections

          Campus exchange learning platform

          Set up a platform, which can become an interactive learning platform, increase the school's information dynamics and exchange entertainment

          Flexible page configuration

          Share WeChat 1 billion users connect offline service scenarios, easy to use and good experience

          City home

          Nearby businesses

          Business details


          A variety of interactive marketing to help you fun traffic

          Multiple Interactive Marketing Helps You Play with Traffic

          VIP Member

          VIP members can enjoy platform exclusive benefits to attract individual users to open VIP services

          Snap-up activity

          You can set a limited time to buy products, multiple marketing methods to release the user ’s enthusiasm

          Discount card

          Discount card online drainage and offline consumption to meet the diversified marketing needs of merchants

          Free Customize Now

          Enter your phone number, click call and you will receive our call later.

          Please directly enter the phone: such as

          Add the area code before the landline: such as

          The call is completely free, please rest assured!

          Just need 5 seconds , Let micro-motion understand you better
          • food
          • Beauty industry
          • education
          • car
          • Real estate
          • Hotel
          • E-commerce
          • game
          • tourism
          • other
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