Magic Orange Collection

Magic Orange Collection

Magic Orange Smart Marketing helps maximize advertising effectiveness

Building an efficient operating system

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About Magic Orange Collection

About the magic orange collection

Million WeChat user market

Mini Program Activity Game Drain

Multi-platform traffic sharing

Diverse marketing activities

Social marketing

New gameplay of social fission, with a large number of marketing tools and good results

  • Help

    Commodity help, pull new life, invite friends to exchange goods for free

  • Spike

    Ultra-low-priced items

  • Fission Share

    Product sharing credits, social fission, new with old

  • Credit task

    Mass marketing credit tasks, drive user conversion and activity

Event game marketing

Enhance fan participation and activity in an interesting form, achieve rapid fandom, attract users to participate, share, and convert, and increase customer loyalty for merchants

Product Features Oriented to Social Fission Traffic Marketing

WeChat influence + interactive mini-game influence

  • Points system

    Deepen the social attributes of the points mall, complete the conversion from users to fans, and realize the integration of the points system and social e-commerce.

  • Activity games

    It is closely aligned with the merchant end of the magic travel activity platform to complete user traffic guidance and share millions of traffic, forming a closed loop of traffic.

  • Friends Social

    Through the fission of social traffic, reaching deep users and helping to increase the trust of the platform.

  • Distribution operations

    Increase the enthusiasm of member users and enable member users to convert fans; thus forming a "Weike model" and achieving traffic privatization.

Ultimate goal

Achieve goals

  • High retention

  • High fission

  • High conversion

  • high profit

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