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Mini Programs Promote the Mobile Internet 100 Billion Market How Can You Be Indifferent to Dividends

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Mini Program Development

Small program development

  • New ecosystem

    Mini-programs will bring more user scenarios, even new users, and applications that originally appeared in other scenarios will appear in new forms.

  • Where is the opportunity

    The old APPStore / Android application market moved over to screen out small programs that are more suitable for the current user scenario.

  • Complement Tencent's industry link

    The core of Tencent is social, but its capabilities in e-commerce, education and 2B have weakened a lot, especially in vertical industries.

Flick the world forty-six policy

The 46 policy of fretting the world

Four reasons

  • Low development costs

  • Low promotion price

  • Wide application scenarios

  • Strong drainage ability

Six major support

  • Brand support

  • Material support

  • service support

  • Advertising support

  • 会 销 Support

  • Training support

The four major revenues of the profit model

The four main income of the profit model

  • Platform revenue

    Franchisees can obtain extremely low supply prices and earn considerable profits through the difference in product sales

  • Share of income

    The franchisee can obtain the profit from the total turnover of the region through the operating area.

  • Custom revenue

    Franchisees can customize and optimize the basic version, or submit it to the headquarters for development and earn the difference

  • Operating income

    Franchisees can provide operating promotion services for small program users to earn profits

Industry-wide applet templates

Small program templates covering the whole industry

  • Mini Program Generation Platform
  • Live applet
  • E-commerce applet
  • Catering applet
  • Educational applet
  • Applet

Mote applet

The second-generation applet visual generation tool launched by Micro Motion World, integrates applet components, performs applet UI design, background management, and real-time updates online without any subsequent development. Direct application of mature industry templates, one-click generation of applet source code Package to quickly launch WeChat Mini Programs

Excellent franchisee

Excellent franchisee

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