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Micro Wisdom Hotel

Comprehensive Internet Hotel Marketing System

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Applicable ecology

Multi-format and multi-scenario support to comprehensively address mobile marketing needs in the hotel industry

Star Resort

A micro-mall solution to the ordering needs of accommodation, dining, entertainment and other scenarios

Boutique Homestay

Customers book a room online and experience a local homestay

Small city hotel chain

Customers choose the branch that suits them best

Micro Motion Smart Hotel Solution

Micro Intelligence Hotel Solution

Self-built direct booking mall

Quickly build hotel's own direct booking platform to reduce commission expenses and operating costs

Powerful Member Data Center

Connect the online and offline membership system, precipitate loyal customers, and enjoy the single customer economy

Business support for value-added scenarios

Calendar reservations, restaurant reservations, entertainment services, ticketing, and hotel value-added business scenarios are fully supported to enhance fan stickiness

Hundreds of social marketing games

Multiplayer group, limited-time discounts, points mall, fancy marketing gameplay, driving member booking demand

Convenient hotel PMS system

Meet hotel back-end management needs

House price calendar

Support for setting house prices based on different times

Check-in / check-out management

Express check-in and check-out

Room allocation

Help the front desk make timely room allocations

Room Status Marker

Quickly view and modify room status

Micro customer service system

Receive and process customer service messages in WeChat in real time

Order management

Multi-dimensional filtering, viewing, and processing orders

Data management

Operational data recording and in-depth analysis and distribution

QR code

Multi-store management

Unified management of all hotel chains

Professional Operations Guidance Team

Help hotels do a good job on WeChat

Brand insights

Brand diagnosis, strategic positioning to create corporate WeChat brand image

Platform construction

Established an online service marketing system for the company's personalized WeChat platform

Operating instructions

Customers choose free software operation training according to their needs, quickly get started, and ease the pressure of hotel operation

Activity guidance

Guide daily marketing activities, give professional marketing advice, improve marketing effectiveness

data analysis

Refined data analysis, generating data cockpit to assist in setting operational direction

Operational review

Regular review of overall operating conditions to optimize operating ideas and improve operating results

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