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          Full-platform e-commerce applet solution

          Full Platform Solution for Small Program E-Commerce

          Share the five major platforms and small program flow pools to provide industry-wide solutions

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          Multi-platform applet management

          Multi-platform small program management

          WeChat Mini Program

          Douyin Applet

          Today's Headline Applet

          Alipay applet

          Baidu applet

          Advantages of multi-end mall

          Multi-terminal mall advantage

          One-click management of multi-platform applets

          Flexible definition of platforms to be launched

          Reduce labor costs through unified management

          Functional advantages

          Functional advantage

          Multiple marketing methods, open on all platforms

          Blocking, bargaining, spike, point mall, distribution, etc. are open to the entire platform, which is helpful for different platforms to combine marketing activities and more accurately resolve fission and retention issues

          Member maintenance, accurate marketing and promotion of customer orders

          Support stored-value consumption, membership cards, points, coupons and other functions, continue to provide preferential benefits to customers, and gradually cultivate ordinary individual customers into loyal brand members

          Diversify logistics methods and broaden trading scenarios

          Support express delivery and pick-up at stores, making logistics not only applicable to the traditional e-commerce industry of express delivery, but also applicable to catering retail, fresh fruit and other industries

          Multi-platform synchronous management of stores, convenient and efficient operation

          Real-time grasp of the multi-platform mini-program order status, fast product removal and removal, new order reminders, efficient processing of user order information and logistics information, and comprehensive increase of store revenue

          Why choose multi-end mall

          Why multiterminal mall

          Unified management of products, no need to upload separately

          One background to quickly process multi-platform orders

          Marketing campaigns reach multiple platforms with one click

          More platform-wide data statistics

          Problems solved by multi-end mall

          Multi-terminal mall to solve the problem

          1. The single platform applet mall has limited traffic?
          Recruit fans without change, incentivize fans to share products to WeChat groups and circle of friends through commissions to achieve community communication and generate orders
          2. Multiple applet store orders need to frequently switch the background for order management?
          We help you to build a back-end, manage all orders of the multi-terminal applet mall, without repeating operations
          3. Marketing activities cannot be carried out uniformly, and the rules of marketing activities of different platforms are inconsistent
          We help you create a marketing campaign that is applicable across the platform and track the activities of each platform in real time through the background
          4. Dispersed members cannot be managed centrally?
          We help you get through the member list and manage multi-platform member information

          Perfect Mini Program Store Experience

          Perfect experience of Mini Programs Mall


          Spike area

          product details

          Product list

          Function upgrade

          Function upgrade

          Multi-platform, aggregate traffic

          The five platforms of WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, Toutiao, and Douyin are compatible at the same time, and the entire network is covered by one click

          All platforms, logistics

          Express delivery, store diversification, diversified logistics, it is good to lose any order, sales have increased linearly

          Full marketing, all available

          Open up marketing gameplay, apply to the entire industry to pull new, transform, activate, and retain one

          Big data, new management

          Powered by big data, accurate member operations, multi-platform synchronization, and store operation visualization

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